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Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson in Sea Hunt, Sean Connery as James Bond, or Zale Parry (bottom photo) all are legends of diving masters. Keep your calendars open for the Vintage Dive and Swap Meet on August 13 and 14 to coincide with the meeting of the Double Hose Club.

Voit 24 Carat Trimmed Knife

Voit 24 carat trimmed knife with sheath. only a couple
hundred made. this would be the early 60's.

Aqua Lung Aquamaster

Aqua-Lung Aquamaster Round label, introduced in 1970-72 when they changed to this style of labels, then a decal.

Aqualung Jet Air Black

This is a Aqua-Lung Jet Air Black in Color 1956 to 1957 These
units were not popular because nobody at that time liked
Fiberglass or composites.


This is a Aqua-Lung DY Jet Air it was first introduced in 1956.
It was made of high impact fiberglass phonelic compound.
There was no label, all of the information was stamped in the case and it was brown In color.

Aqua-Lung Blue Label

The Aqua-Lung Blue Label With the plate riveted on. Was only produced 1953-1954 This was the first Of the American
Distribution By Cousteau's cousin Rene' Bussoz. He operated
out of Rene's Sporting Goods, at the World famous 1045
Broxton Ave. Los Angeles, California. These Broxton
Regulators are very rare.

Coastal School of Deep Sea Diving

The Coastal School of Deep Sea Diving, Al Mikalow was the
founder and director and we have Skin Diver ads back to
1956. This is a U.S. Divers Aqua-Master with their sticker
placed on the reg. It is a one of a kind. This reg and
poster were displayed in their entry way to the front
office until their closure. The regulator has never been wet.

Healthways Scuba

Healthways" Scuba" was very economical which made it
one of the popular regs of the early 60's. It is shown with
the hope page valve, which kept the water out of your
mouth. This was manufactured by Healthways.

Healthways Gold and White

This was the last production run on double hose regs for
Healthways. It was noted for it's unique way of fastening
to the tank. It was one of the easiest breathing
Healthways because of the "Venturi Jet".

Heinke Merlin

The Heinke Merlin, 1965 has a Seibe Gorman Mouth piece, and parts. Heinke was bought out by Seibe Gorman in 1965. This was one of the last Heinke's made. They were one of England's oldest manufacturer's.

Sportsways Hydronaut

Sportsways Hydronaut was introduced in 1964 it cost $75.00

Aqua-Lung "DA"- Navy Approved

Aqua-Lung "DA"-Navy approved two-hose introduced in 1957. The word "approved" was added to the plate this year.

Aqua-Lung Jet-air

1961 to 1963 Aqua-Lung Jet-air with a sticker on black plastic only made for these years. A fellow diver said these were some of the easiest regs to take care of and breath.

Sportsways Navy 11

Sportsways Navy 11 1963 First introduced, it cost $95.00

Sportsways Waterlung Hydronaut 2

The Waterlung Hydro-Twin II was first introduced 1964. By this time owner Sam Lecocq had sold a large portion of Sportsways and is listed as a consulting engineer.

Sportsways Waterlung Hydronaut 2, was introduced in 1969.

Sportsways Dual Air

Sportsways Dual Air 1963, these double hose regs were the first to be introduced with stainless steel cases and parts. There were only several hundred made.

Waterlung Sportsways

Waterlung number 1382 1958 Sportsways first production run. This reg has been confirmed by Sam Lecocq, the inventor as one of the first he made. The red hose, stainless plate, and pipe threads are evident.

Sportsways Waterlung

This is a "Waterlung" first single hose production run 1958 regulator Number 498, inventor Sam Lecocq Sportsways. Stainless steel plate, only reg with a red hose. It used tapered pipe threads for first and second stage. The tilt valve came from the self canceling urinal valve. When it is pressed down, it flushes for a moment, then returns to the neutral position. This reg has been confirmed by Sam Lecocq as one of the first he made.

Sportsways Waterlung

Sportsways Waterlung secnd production run 1958-59. Note the change in the hose, now black. But it has an all stainless name plate, unit 2958.

Voit NAVY V66

The Voit NAVY V66 was introduced in 1962. It was a two-stage regulator with the exception of the bottom box and mouth piece. All Parts interchanged with the Aquamaster.

Voit 50 Fathom Chrome Case

The Voit 50 Fathom chrome case VCR 2 or later VCR 22, which dates it around 1961.

Blue 50 Fathom

This is the Blue 50 Fathom, known as the V-55, introduced 1962. The case is molded of ABS cycolac (plastic). It is known for the bright blue color, grey hoses and mouth piece.

Sportsways Side mount Air Checker

Sportsways Side mount Air Checker, 1959. Sam Lecocq was always coming up with unique inventions.

Seibe Gorman Diving Torch

Seibe Gorman Diving Torch made in England, perfect condition and it works. Seibe Gorman went out of Business in 1999.

Seibe Gorman Essgee

The Seibe Gorman Essgee made around 1962. Seibe Gorman went out of Business in 1999. They were very big in the commercial diving business with helmets and equipment. Their equipment was known for quality. Check out all the piping on the fittings and hoses. All Made in England.


Super SEALION made in England, early 60's. They were produced by Submarine Products LTD.

Aqua-Lung Royal Aqua-Master

Aqua-Lung Royal Master 1970 - 1973. Popular because you could use Higher pressure.

Aqua-Lung Royal Aqua-Master

Aqua-Lung Royal Aqua-Master in the box, 1971-1972. The Aqua-Master was dropped in 72, thus the only double hose was the Royal Aqua-Master after 1972 by U.S. Diver's.

Spiro Sub Mistral

Spiro Sub Mistral made in Italy, by permission from Spirotechniques of France. The plate was yellow and red. It is estimated to be produced in the early 60's.


Popular Science Magazine

Popular Science July 1955 "How to enjoy Skin Diving". Always wear your face plate to keep the spray from hitting you. Would that be a Mask?

Popular Science, July 1953, Did you know you can stay under water almost an hour" Build your own. Take two surplus CO2 Bottles, OK well $40.00 is all it will cost.


Northill Regulator

The Northill regulator was first produced in 1954 for the U.S. Navy. One year Later 1955 they made it available to the public. This was The second Double Hose to be produced in the U.S. This particular reg has serial number 8-4318, the 8 means it was manufactured in 1958. Zale Parry, movie star and stunt woman, and her husband Parry Bivens were contracted through their company Scientific Underwater Research Ent to do extensive research. Most famous was the 209 foot deep dive in 1955 for the first woman, landing Zale on the cover of May's sports Illustrated using a Northill.

Sportsways Navy 111

Sportsways Navy 111 still in the box and never used. 1969

Cousteau Gagnon La Spirotechnique 1942 Regulator: This regulator may be one of the first in production and only a few hundred were put into production. The Legends museum has recently acquired one to complement its set of early regs. Click the image for larger photos.


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