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August 7-9, 2009 Photos
Portage Quarry Legends of Diving

Legends Honored: Bop Meistrell, Robert Croft, Alec Peirce, and Dottie Frazier comment on each other's photos Saturday at the International Legends of Diving Festival, Portage Quarry, August 7-9, 2009.

Vintage Double Hose Always Welcome

Hi Jeff:

I just wanted to extend my sincerest "THANKS" for the great time I had this past weekend at Portage during The Legends of Diving event. I'm sure I speak not only for myself but for all of us in the vintage diving community who really appreciate this event and all the efforts you and your staff put forth to make this event possible. I'm 62 and I learned to dive back in the early 1960's; so this event brings back many fond memories of those earlier day's of diving.

This event gives the proper recognition to the earlier days of diving, the equipment and also a way of saying "THANK YOU" to the early pioneers of a sport which we all dearly love. This event also gives us the opportunity to dive this great vintage gear and to meet and dive with others who share this same interest. I'm already looking forward to next year!

Terry Stevens
AKA Vintagediver
Benzonia, Michigan



Thank you for the kind words. The Vintage Double Hose Club is a very special group involved with the legends festivities. Your words captured the essence of what we are trying to accomplish each year here at Portage and at other locations around the world.



I talked to you on the phone last week about a wetsuit gift certificate that I won at the “Legends of Diving” in Bowling Green OH.

I would first and foremost like to thank Dive N’ Surf and Bodyglove for sponsoring this great event. I had a great time talking with Bob Meistrell about his experiences, both diving and living on the west coast. Dottie Frazier and the rest of the guests were also great to talk to. I really like to hear about the early history of scuba diving, as my dad got me involved in the late seventies.

Thanks Again!
Michael Courvoisier


Friday Night Meet-n-Greet

Early in the evening Roger Roth displays the winners of the underwater images photo and video competition. Roth of Cincinnati is the founder and director of the international competition that distributed $75,000 in prizes for the competition this year.

Alec Peirce (left) has been a welcome legend at each of the events. His discussions of Sea Hunt have been a lively addition to the presentations.

Alec Peirce and Dottie Frazier (left photo) pose while Bob Croft playfully gives the rabbit ears to Mr. Peirce. Ms. Frazier signs the log book of a fan, Hobie Brewer of Charleston, WV.

Dottie Frazier (center) talks with Bill Stewart (left) and Hobie Brewer. Hobie and Bill are from Charleston representing a new WV dive club.

Jeff Rice arrives from Cleveland airport and introduces his two travelling guests, Dottie Frazier and Bob Meistrell.

Bob Meistrell is introduced to a welcoming committee of local dignitaries.

Robert Croft and Dottie Frazier met for the first time at the legends event in Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island in April, 2009 for a new friendship.

Close-up with the Legends

Saturday and Sunday allowed plenty of time for divers to meet with the legends of diving, share stories, and ask questions.

Mike Batista (right) discusses a unique opportunity for helmet diving.

The Michigan African-American SCUBA Klub (MASK) met on the east wall for a dive picnic Saturday afternoon. MASK, from Detroit, MI is a local chapter of the National Association of Black Scuba Divers.

A very attentive crowd watches the CBS documentary Saturday night on Robert Croft's record dives with narrator Charles Kuralt.

Sunday swimmers took advantage of the hot weather to get wet.

Trip Winners

Saturday, Jim Clarke of Columbus, OH (center back) won the first of three trips and is pictured with the featured legends of diving. With Jim in the back row is Bob Meistrell (left) and Robert Croft. Seated (from left) is Alec Peirce, Pat Meistrell, and Dottie Frazier.

Winners of the two other trips are Mindy Rapp (from left) of Toledo, OH and Judy and Darrell Logan of Columbus, OH.

Relax and Enjoy the Diving

Jeff Rice and Bob Meistrell (from left) on the edge of the quarry before the plunge into the abyss. Dive Photos Below: Night diving, Vintage Double Hose club divers, instructional classes and Hansa jet diving on this very special dive weekend.

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