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August 10-12, 2007
International Legends of Diving Festival

Friday night Zale Parry (left) has a reunion with good friends Debborah and Sam Lecocq. They last met in California over 20 years ago.

Jeff Rice (no relation to the owner) and friends had a system for raffle tickets and cleaned house on Sunday.

Gy. Sgt. Don Preston explains the mule, a 106mm Recoilless Rifle used in Viet Nam while Jack and Joe Racioppa of Toronto, Canada, check out the gun and tests its ability to fire. The gun was made inoperable before its public sale. Gy. Sgt. Don Preston, from Detroit Retired USMC, was a Drill Instructor at Parris Island and brought his arsenal with him again this year, including the LTV used in the movie Flags of Our Fathers.

Plenty of Smiles - Zale Parry finds new friends at the quarry including the Creature from the Black Lagoon. See
more photos and a video of Saturday's guest dive with Zale Parry.

Newest Double Hose Club Member - Deb Lecocq, with a history of diving with single hose regulators, dives for the first time with a double hose. Her husband, Sam Lecocq, was instrumental in the development of the single hose regulator.

Double hose club members participated in the record dive attempt.

Etched on the top surface of the silo, a message for Zale.

The silo has its own beauty looking up from a side entrance.

Zale Parry and Sam Lecocq ham it up a little for the cameras with owner Jeff Rice on Saturday.

Alec Peirce introduces Zale Parry on Saturday, following his memorabilia presentation of the Sea Hunt and movies about diving.


Over $20,000 in Prizes - Jerrie Struble of the Double Hose Club draws a winning ticket on Saturday. Drawings were held after each presentation on Saturday. Over $20,000 in prizes were awarded over the weekend. Dave Breath of Cleveland, won a Belize trip and Pat Jennings
won a complete Mares Package.

Reunion - Sam Lecocq talks about the early years of dive equipment manufacturing on Saturday. Following Sam's talk Sherry (McKay) Lantz talked about living on the ocean as one of the early female divers. She was reunited with the Lecocqs last year following a Google search by Sherry that brought them together for the first Legends of Diving in 2006.

Caribbean Temperatures - Divers Linda Briggle, Dale Dervin, and Naomi Gallagher of the Columbus, OH area prepare for the record dive on Saturday. The number of divers approached that of 2006 when a state record for most divers in one location was set. Surface temperatures were recorded at 81 degrees, reducing the need for a wet suit.

Fox Sports Net was on hand Saturday.

Zale Parry seeks revenge on the creature in the photo above. The creature reportedly escaped to the depths of the Portage Quarry.

A large crowd gathered for the 3D showing of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The Feature Creatures made their debut for the movie which required these special 3D viewing glasses. Sue Freshouk as Blanche and Tony Partridge as Scooby Doo, both of Dalton, Georgia, made appearances. The creature also made a live appearance.

A feeding frenzy of blue gill and bass at the silo. Huge blue gill and bass lurk in the waters around the silo. The Ohio state record for a blue gill is 3.28 pounds with a length of 12 3/4" registered at Salt Fork Reservoir in 1990. These fish approach that record. Sorry, no fishing.

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