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August 11-13, 2006
International Legends of Diving Festival

Diver Above - Diver Below: Divers from 17 different states gathered at the edge of Portage Quarry to break the world record of divers at one time in one location. Maybe the long distance driving award goes to Fred Morrison, Somt Familir Due Momont, Quebec, which is 400 miles north of Montreal and 23 hours from the quarry. Tom and Cindy Madere of LaPlace, Louisiana might have the award for driving the furthest from within the U.S.

The gathering at the silo is greeted by bluegill the size of crappies. The youngest reported diver was 9-year-old Maxwell Mueller, Columbus, Ohio, grandson of Carol Kinder. The oldest was 67 years young.

Bart, Shelby, and Jeff Rice pose for a three-generation photo. Bart flew in from New Hampshire for the event.

Alec Peirce (right) of Scuba 2000 leads a team of divers.

Picking up a spare - Dale Dervin of Columbus, Ohio is poised to pick up a spare with this underwater treasure, then lets her fly.


Legends of Diving surface pictures from the meet and greet on Friday, to all the events on Saturday, and the finale on Sunday.

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