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  • Dr. Lambertsen, UMS Founding Father Passes Away at 94
    The Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society is sad to inform you that Dr. Christian Lambertsen, MD has passed away at the age of 94. He was one of the six individuals responsible for forming, the then, Undersea Medical Society on April 10, 1967. Dr. Lambertsen, as the only civilian, as the other were all US Navy Officers, was given the job of writing its constitution and was a member of the first Executive Committee. The first annual meeting of the Society followed on May 8, 1968 with 88 charter members. There are few who will not have known Chris Lambertsen in the first 30 years of the Society.

  • Wes C. Skiles, Underwater Photographer Dies at 53
    Legendary underwater photographer Wes Skiles died an unexpected death Wednesday, July 21, 2010 while filming off the coast of Florida.

  • DAN Recognizes Two Ohioans with President's Award
    On July 17 and 18th the TA Dive Club held their 26th Annual DAN Barbeque at the Portage Quarry in Bowling Green, Oh. Mr. Dan Orr, president of Divers Alert Network (DAN) and his wife, Betty, were present for the Tater’s Treasure Hunt, as well as the Barbeque on Sunday, where awards and prizes were handed out.

  • Guerreror Identified as Possible Reef by Dive Legends
    Dr. Jose Jones and Jay Haigler, members of the National Association of Black Scuba Divers,
    document and survey the shipwreck Guerrero as reported in July 12, 2010 issue of The Key West Citizen. The Guerrero wrecked north of Key Largo in December 1827 as an African slave ship, 41 lost their lives while shackled onboard en route to Cuba.

Dan Orr thanks the TA Club: Dan Orr, President and CEO of the Divers Alert Network (DAN), thanks the TA Club for over $35,000 in donations. Dan will be in attendance at the DAN Barbeque July 17-18, 2010 at Portage Quarry. Biography

Dive Legend Receives UHMS Award: Dr. Jorge Dario Gómez Castillo (left) accepts the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society (UHMS) Young Scientist/Medical Doctor Award from Laurie B. Gesell, M.D. Biography

  • JYC - Celebrating His 100th
    Jacques-Yves Cousteau - Born June 11, 1910. The personal memoirs by Dr. Sam Miller who first met the legendary JYC in the early 1950s.

NAUI Celebrates 50th with New Facility: NAUI opened its new headquarters February 20, 2010 with a 50 anniversary celebration including Beau Bridges who accepted an award for his father, Lloyd Bridges. More Photos.

NAUI and Legends Plan for the Celebration on Cozumel Island: NAUI is celebrating its rich history with a 50th anniversary bonanza at the Legends of Diving festival on Cozumel Island, starting April 12. Plenty of activities are planned for the event including specials for the first 50 registrants. Jeff Rice (right) meets with Jim Bram (left), NAUI president at the headquarters. Meet the legends and celebrate.

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Marine Technicians Handbook, Procedures for Shipboard Diving: The University Guide for Diving Safety for the International Legends of Diving. Project to preserve this original document for dive training, in cooperation with James R. Stewart, revised in 1971 by the author. Read the original dive manual here.

NAUI Celebrates 50th at Legends Festival on Cozumel: More to follow on this news from NAUI and the International Legends of Diving. Not just a dive trip...it's a dive event!

  • Double Hose Regulator Pairs for Sale: These are the EDPM hoses that were voted as the best for comfort at the Portage Quarry two years ago, now for sale online here. They fit Aqua Lung, Voit Healthway, La Spirotechnique and other regulators. Also in the shopping area are new hats with the International Legends of Diving logo. Go to the shopping cart.

  • Notes from the Road: Underwater Adventure Seekers (UAS) 50th Anniversary Celebration: Washington, DC: September 18-20, 2009: by Dan Orr. Story.

  • Joyce S. Hayward - Inducted into International Women’s Divers Hall of Fame and Great Lakes Maritime historian. Passed away August 26, 2009. Obituary

  • Harry Ruscigno - Seatec Founder - Founder of SeaTec /Inflatable systems, was a very active diver, a respected engineer who adapted his talents to the diving world over forty years ago. Story and obituary.

  • Meistrell celebrates birthday with deep dive: Bob Meistrell successfully dove down to 162 feet for his 81st birthday as posted on the Body Glove blog, July 31, 2009. Congratulations Bob. Meistrell will be one of the featured legends at the Portage Quarry on August 7-9, 2009. Read the blog on this dive.

  • Legendary Diver, Carl Spencer, dies in an accident filming the Britannic
    for National Geographic Society on May 24, 2009 at the age of 37.
    Story and obituary.

Photo by
Christopher Guglielmo

  • Dive Marker Set to Honor Legends in April: This marker buoy will be placed at a new dive site that has been set up for dedication at the legends of diving event in April. Read more about the dedication of this marker on the UNEXSO legends Page.

  • Coast Guard Looks for Missing Two: U.S. Coast Guard officials say they're looking for the 69-year-old Quen Cultra of Gilman and marine naturalist Joe Strykowski of Crystal River, FL, who they say are missing in the Indian Ocean after one of those crafts capsized in a storm off Madagascar. (More on this Story Published February 2, 2009)

  • UNEXSO Announcements for April Legends: The Legends announcements for January 30, 2009 include a January Newsletter and itinerary for the week in PDF format.


    Itinerary for Week is Now Available

    January Newsletter

  • April UNEXSO Legends Event Hits the Press: The fervor starts its swell for the event to be held on Grand Bahama Island April 2-6, 2009.


    Freeport News, January 6, 2009.

    Freeport News, January 7, 2009.


  • Sidney Ellison Pratt - Glass Sculptor - Originator of Legends Awards:

    Sidney Pratt, a native of Nassau, Bahamas began learning his craft as a glass sculptor in 1988 working under Sky Kanoia, an ex-pat who lived in Grand Bahama during it’s heyday in the 1970’s. The business was eventually sold to Sidney who started to create his own unique pieces of Bahamian glass art. Read the bio.

    Legends Award


  • Official Photographer Named for UNEXSO Event: Christopher Guglielmo has been developing quite a following in underwater photography. His photos have been featured worldwide. Read his bio. He was named as the official photographer for the UNEXSO event.  See his photos at aquaexposure.com.


  • Historic Articles One Result of Legends Weekend: You asked for the book from the "Keeper of the Flame," Nick Icorn. There is none but Tina Icorn followed through and began sending us the articles that he used for his research on the presentation at Portage Quarry. Through her diligence and the dedication of scribes Dr. Clement and Connie we are posting new articles that offer a glimpse into the early days of diving. Read the articles.
  • New Legend added, Glen H. Egstrom: UCLA Dive Physiology Researcher - Read his Complete Biography. Teaching responsibilities at UCLA and during Diving Medical courses in the past 50 years have included courses and graduate seminars in applied anatomy, exercise physiology, underwater physiology, environmental physiology, aquatic kinesiology, biomechanical analysis and conditioning for optimal performances. Historical Perspective and Risk Management.

  • Legendary Freediver and ‘Keeper of the Flame’ Headline Historic Dive Weekend - The annual legends of SCUBA diving festival in northwest Ohio is having its biggest expansion this year -- more featured legends, more prizes from sponsors, and an off-shore sister location on Grand Bahama Island in the Caribbean. Press Release on July 26, 2008.

  • More Prizes Added to Saturday Night Drawings - Saturday, August 9th, another first grade prize was added to the mix. Look for the drawing of the Grand Bahamas/5 day 2 Tank dive trip at World Famous UNEXSO with your 7 Day/6 Night stay at the Pelican Bay Luxury Hotel.

  • Great Prizes added to Legends Festival in August - Check the weekend schedule for new drawings recently added such as a Whites $1,400 Fusion Dry Suit Scuba and a Cressi-sub Archimedes Dive Computer, retail $780, donated by Alec Peirce of Scuba 2000.

  • Robert Croft Joins Legends of Diving in August at Portage Quarry - Robert Croft, who introduced free diving to America, will be among those who will be honored at the International Legends of Diving Festival at Portage Quarry, August 8-10, 2008. In 1967 Croft was the first to break the 200-foot barrier for depth while breath holding. Also announced, Tina Icorn will join her father Nick at the Legends Festival. Tina is an accomplished diver with logs from around the world. The duo adds to the second generation pairing which also includes Dr. Sam Miller III and Dr. Sam Miller IV.

  • Grand Bahama Island and UNEXSO well represented in August - Keith Cooper of UNEXSO will be at Portage Quarry legends weekend in support of the International Legends of Diving and to answer questions about diving there in April of 2009. Also with him will be members of the Bahama Ministry of Tourism and the Bahama Diving Association.

  • Condolences to Nick Icorn - We offer our condolences to Nick Icorn and his family for the loss of Marilyn Icorn who died June 15. Click here for the obituary, charities and to sign the guest book.

  • The International Legends of Diving website opens with an exclusive video of the tonic immobility of sharks, demonstrated during the weekend of Legends Festival meetings at the UNEXSO dive facility.

  • Hugh Bradner, (Inventor of the Wet Suit and Notable Physicist. Died May 8, 2008 at age of 92).

  • Leon Lyons launches new web site for Helmets of the Deep museum, likely the largest collection of its kind on this planet.

  • Press Release: UNEXSO on Grand Bahama Island, April 2-6, 2009 special edition of the Legends Annual series, before returning to Portage Quarry in August of 2009.

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