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NAUI 50th Anniversary Celebration
Tampa, FL Headquarters: February 20, 2010

Jim Bram of NAUI (left photo) gives a guided tour of the new NAUI facility
in Tampa Bay, FL on February 20, 2010. Beau Bridges (right) accepts an
award for his father, Lloyd Bridges, who played Mike Nelson on Sea
Hunt from 1958 to 1962.

Randy Smith and Chuck Kostner start the tour.

Your NAUI certification records are likely in one of these files (top left)
while the new customer service office will service your needs.

International Legends of Diving president Jeff Rice visited NAUI headquarters
in Tampa, FL February 20, 2010 as NAUI celebrated its 50th Anniversary.
Posing in front of Jeff Rice is (from left) Ken Brock, Dr. Glen Egstrom, Zale
Parry, Jim Bram of NAUI, Art Ulrich, Dr. Sam Miller, and Nick Icorn.

Tom Tillman (right) is presented a picture of the new office conference
room named for his father, Al Tillman.

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